Paper yarn
Boring efficiency

Boring efficiency pushes the contrast between labor conditions in textile craft and capitalism by showing the aesthetics of domestic and business. Sojin Lee's contrasting experiences as an office worker and as a crafter shed light on the relationship between textile craft and capitalism.

She noted that rigid working hours and a fast-paced environment often result in brainless tasks, leading to a sense of boredom in the office. However, as a crafter, she encountered a contrasting perspective: boredom rather represented a liberation from the constraints of time and speed, despite the time-consuming nature of the craft.

By highlighting this intricate relationship, the installation depicts the tension between efficiency and boredom on the one hand and the freedom and fulfillment found in the slower, more deliberate process of crafting on the other. The interplay of office elements and carefully woven vessels generate weirdly poetic connections between craft and capitalist work.

©Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Sophia Xu.